Tax Assessor's Office

The Town’s Tax Assessor’s Office in Charlestown aims to ensure the fair valuation of all real estate and tangible personal property within its jurisdiction. Our main goal is to accurately identify, document, and assess taxable and exempt properties, guaranteeing uniformity in assessments. We are committed to producing a precise tax roll that reflects all assessable properties in the municipality.


The Tax Assessor’s Office performs various duties, including:

  • Identifying, documenting, and assessing taxable and exempt real estate and tangible property.
  • Compiling an annual tax roll that provides an accurate account of all assessable properties.
  • Managing activities related to the three-year property revaluation cycles, conducting full revaluations every nine years and statistical revaluations in the third and sixth years.
  • Administering state and local exemption and abatement programs.
  • Maintaining records of property ownership for both real estate and personal property.
  • Preparing for appeal hearings and acting as a liaison for the Assessment Board of Review.
  • Processing new surveys for parcels and determining assessment values.
  • Inspecting all building permits.
  • Collaborating with the Town’s GIS Division to update and maintain the Tax Assessor’s plat maps in hard copy and digital formats.
  • Providing information and reports to the State of Rhode Island Department of Revenue for certification, inquiries regarding new legislation's fiscal impact, and general inquiries.
  • Distributing information to the public regarding public records maintained in the Tax Assessor’s Office.