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Conservation Commission

The Conservation Commission is an advisory body established through a town ordinance. It provides recommendations to the Town Council, Zoning Board of Review, Department of Public Works, and the Planning Commission concerning conservation, preservation and development of natural resources in Charlestown.



The purpose of this Commission is to promote and develop natural resources, to protect watersheds and to preserve the natural aesthetic in Charlestown. It conducts research into local land areas and maintains an index of all open spaces.


Commission Membership

The Commission consists of seven members, who are appointed by the Town Council:


Lynn Macalister, Chair 

Shirley Griffin, Vice Chair 

Silvermoon LaRose, Secretary 

Karen Baldyga 

Steven Williams

Nicolas Testa



Friends of Conservation

The Conservation Commission invites you to join our Friends of Conservation. You will receive notices of our periodic Trail Maintenance Mornings and other conservation events. For information, please call Amy Rose Weinreich, Town Clerk at (401) 364-1200.



The Conservation Commission meets monthly, usually on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall. Meetings are open to the public. Please check the Town Calendar for the most accurate meetings dates and times. To access the Commission’s agendas and minutes, please click here.


Town of Charlestown Open Space Properties

There are six open space properties owned by the Town of Charlestown and managed by the Conservation Commission for the use and scenic enjoyment of residents of the town:



In addition, the Town of Charlestown owns beaches and parkland managed by the Parks and Recreation Department. Please click here for information on these properties.


Additional Open Space in Charlestown

For information on additional open space in Charlestown, see the following sites: