Climate Resiliency Commission

***REMINDER: Please join us for a Fire Safety Update hosted by the Climate Resiliency Commission on Thursday, June 13 at 5:00 pm in the Town Council Chambers. State and Local officials will present and answer questions.

The Climate Resiliency Commission meets regularly on the second Thursday of each month, at 5:00 p.m., at the Charlestown Town Hall, 4540 South County Trail, Charlestown RI.
Sarah F. Racine, Vice Chair
Chapter 12
[HISTORY:AdoptedbytheTownCounciloftheTownofCharlestown12-13-2021 by Ord. No. 393. Amendments noted where applicable.]
§ 12-1. Establishment.
There is hereby established a Charlestown Climate Resiliency Commission.
§ 12-2. Membership.
A. The Charlestown Climate Resiliency Commission shall consist of five (5) members appointed by the Town Council. At least three (3) of the five (5) members shall have scientific, technical or engineering backgrounds or experience, with preference given to environmental or life sciences. Initial appointees shall be for the following terms: three (3) shall be appointed for three-year terms and two (2) shall be appointed for two-year terms. Thereafter, as terms expire, appointments, other than interim appointments, shall be made in January and shall be for terms of three (3) years
B. Said Commissioners shall hold their respective offices until their successors are qualified.
§12-3. Compensation.
Members of the Commission shall serve without pay.
§ 12-4. Officers.
The Commission shall organize annually by electing a Chairman, Vice Chairman and a secretary.
§12-5. Bylaws.
The Commission shall adopt bylaws for the performance of the duties prescribed by law and this chapter.
§12-6. Meetings, records and annual report.
A. The Commission shall hold regular meetings, preferably monthly, which shall be open to the public. Special meetings shall be held at the call of the Chairman or upon the request of three (3) of the members.
B. Any person or his duly constituted representative shall be entitled to appear and be heard on any matter before the Commission.
C. All records of Commission proceedings, resolutions and actions shall be open to public view, and the Commission shall forward an annual report of its actions and meetings to the Town Clerk's office.
§12-7. Duties.
The duties of the Charlestown Climate Resiliency Commission shall be to study and analyze issues and impacts of climate change and global warming, including, but not limited to, storm surge, sea level rise, hurricanes, floods, wildfires, drought, deforestation and other weather related events, development of strategies, policies and plans for mitigation of and adaptation to impacts from climate change and global warming. In addition, the Commission shall undertake efforts and actions to preserve and improve the quality of life for Charlestown residents and reduce or eliminate future detrimental climate change effects on the community that is within the capacity of local policies and actions. In addition, the Commission shall undertake to disseminate information to Town residents concerning the aforesaid impacts of climate change and global warming and the Town's strategies, policies and plans for mitigation of these impacts.
§12-8. Technical Assistance.
Within the limits of the funds appropriated to it and subject to the approval of the Town Council, the Commission may engage technical or clerical assistance to aid in the discharge of its duties.
§12-9. Cooperative Agreements.
The Commission may recommend to the Town Council to enter into cooperative agreements with any city, town, state, regional or federal agency or private organization to undertake studies deemed to be in the interest of the Town including cooperative agreements with cities or towns in neighboring states where problems of mutual or common interest are deemed to exist. The Commission may be authorized to accept technical and financial assistance from other public agencies or private organizations subject to the approval of the Town Council.
§12-10. Additional Funding.
To aid in the discharge of its duties, the Commission may, subject to the approval of the Town Council, seek funding or grant monies from private sources or local, state, and federal government or agency sources.