Credit Card Payments-RIeGov (Tax Information)

Online Payments by Credit Card


To pay online with RIeGov, you will need your Account #. Your Account # can be obtained from your Tax Bill or by contacting the Tax Collector's Office at (401) 364-1234 during normal business hours of 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

RIeGov accepts VISA and Master Card only. Please be advised RIeGov charges a convenience fee based on the amount of the transaction. The fee is 3% with a minimum of $2.00. (Example-Tax Amount/Charge $53.20, Fee $2.00)
When you sign in to RIeGov, you will have several options, you can obtain Transaction History, get a copy of a tax bill (Online Documents) or make a payment. The system will default to Make a Payment (Home) and will show the Receivables that are due. If you would like a description of the Receivable, click on the > symbol, it will open up and display the quarterly payment amounts and show the Receivable Item, which is the parcel number and description of the property. Under Transaction History, you will find the last 7 years of payments, displaying the Tax Year, Payment, Principal and Interest (if any paid), payment dates and methods (Check, Credit Card) along with a Transaction number. Online Documents will list the past few years of bills. You can open a PDF copy of the bills that are displayed.