Charter Revision Advisory Committee




  • The purpose of this chapter is to provide the town with an up-to-date and useful Home Rule Charter. Toward this end, it is also the purpose of this chapter to provide procedures for the orderly development of proposed revisions or amendments to the Charter and for presentation of any recommendations to the electorate in public forum prior to placing any such changes on the ballot for vote at a general or special election.


Membership and Meetings 

  • There is hereby established a Charter Revision Advisory Committee whose members shall be appointed by the Town Council in such instances when and as determined needed and necessary by the Town Council. The Town Council shall appoint no less than three (3) nor more than seven (7) members to the Committee. The members so appointed shall serve terms commensurate with the term of office of the Town Council appointing them. The Town Council shall appoint one (1) member as Chairman.
  • In addition to the appointed members of the Committee, a member of the Town Council and the Town Administrator shall be ex officio members of this Committee, without voting rights. Legal counsel shall be provided by the Town Solicitor.
  • The Committee shall hold as many meetings as it deems necessary. Special meetings may also be held at the call of the Chairman or upon the request of a majority of the members of the Committee.


  • The Committee shall meet for the purpose of reviewing the Home Rule Charter. The Committee may schedule as many workshop sessions, public meetings and/or public hearings as it deems necessary to complete its review.
  • In the event that the Committee determines that revisions or amendments to the Home Rule Charter should be made, the Committee shall forward its recommendations to the Town Council after first conducting a public hearing or hearings and affording opportunity for public debate, review and discussion of the proposed revisions or amendments. The Committee shall then act to forward any recommendations for revision or amendment to the Town Council. In the event that there are no changes to be recommended, the Committee shall so inform the Town Council.
  • The Committee shall conduct all of its meetings and hearings pursuant to Title 42, Chapter 46, of the Rhode Island General Laws, Open Meetings, as the same may be amended from time to time.


Amendment Procedure 

  • The resolution adopted by the Town Council of the Town of Charlestown on August 10, 1982, in regard to amending the Home Rule Charter, shall remain in full force and effect and is incorporated by reference in this chapter.


Duties of Town Council 

  • The Town Council shall have the responsibility to advertise and hold a public hearing on any proposed revisions or amendments at least sixty (60) days prior to any general or special election.
  • Following the public hearing, a majority of the Town Council shall determine the revisions or amendments to be placed on the ballot. As provided in Article LXIX of the Home Rule Charter, the Council shall approve the statement of any question as it shall appear on the ballot.


Effect on other manners of Charter Amendment  

  • These provisions shall not be construed to prevent any other method of amendment to the Home Rule Charter as authorized by law. 


If you have any comments or have potential ideas for changes to the Town Charter and Town Ordinances, please contact