Hope Health Services

The Town of Charlestown was pleased to present a $5,000 ARPA grant to support Hope Health Services, a small business that was negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are pleased to make this investment to help this valued business remain sustainable long into the future. The ARPA grant program was a collaboration between the Town of Charlestown, the Charlestown Economic Improvement Commission and the Charlestown Chamber of Commerce working in conjunction with the Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce as the Administrator/Fiduciary Agent.  



Pictured are Craig Marr, Chairman of the Charlestown Economic Improvement Commission, Christina Capalbo, licensed massage therapist with Hope Health Services, Deborah Carney, President of the Charlestown Town Council and Heather Paliotta, Executive Director of the Charlestown Chamber


Hope Health Services
Charlestown Economic Improvement Commission
Charlestown RI Chamber
Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce