Economic Improvement

The Economic Improvement Commission (EIC) was established by Ordinance on September 8th, 1997 to improve the business environment of Charlestown for existing and prospective business and industrial enterprises. 

The commission consists of seven members, appointed by the Town Council. They are an advisory body to the Town Council and other boards and commissions of the Town. The commission shall make recommendations of actions, plans, and strategies which shall be presented to the Town Council for its review and concurrence, after which the commission may pursue their implementation. 

The primary mission of the Economic Improvement Commission is two fold:

  1. To provide useful tools that support the existing businesses in Charlestown.
  2. To devise strategies that will encourage new business ventures in the commercial and planned development zones of the community.

The basic philosophy of the Commission is to encourage business development that is in keeping with the rural and coastal character of Charlestown. In keeping with this philosophy:

  • The EIC seeks ways to help existing businesses compete in business sectors that most suit the town’s coastal setting.
  • The Commission recognizes that the town’s most valuable assets are our natural resources and looks for new businesses that can benefit from these resources without diminishing them.

The long-term goal is to encourage smaller establishments that are unique, that harmonize with our natural assets and that set us apart from the business centers of surrounding communities. The Economic Improvement Commission shares the goal of the Town Council and other commissions of creating the best balance of residential, commercial and open space land use for Charlestown residents.

For a copy of the Economic Improvement Commission’s Shopping Guide to Charlestown or a list of local farms stands visit the Charlestown Tourist Information Center or Town Hall or contact the Planning Department at (401) 364-1225 or the Charlestown Chamber of Commerce at (401) 364-3878. 

To learn about starting a business in Charlestown visit or call the Planning Department at (401) 364-1225.  

Learn about how you can become a member of the Economic Improvement Commission.


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